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NVA Appraisal The Home Valuation Specialist in Northern Virginia and 

Washington D.C. 

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Loan Officers -Mortgage Brokers Realtors - Attorneys, Home Owners.

A full professional Desk Top Valuation on your Northern Virginia or

Washington D.C. Home payable by check or credit card for $199.00.

District of Columbia and Virginia Certified and Insured.

Lenders will charge anywhere from $300.00 to $800.00 in loan origination fees to begin the process of refinance.

Why pay for a full appraisal plus loan origination fees only to find out that your home will not appraise with some randomly assigned Appraisal Management Company.

Oh I almost forgot, here are some really helpful sites that can get you started on your journey.

And access to our regional MLS so you can see what's going on in the market.  

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Please provide us with some information about the particulars of your property to help better evaluate it. If there are any unusual characteristics that would make it difficult to evaluate without an actual inspection we will contact you prior to proceeding with the valuation. No prior charges would would be incurred.

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